Some time ago i was persuaded to write a statement... What for is it? Because it's a duty of an artist to limit himself(?). It's false, incomplete, too short and it's not important but I'm saving all my written words for fun.

Statements are like advertisment. Are false. Mostly because are short. But if I have to write this to convince You that I'm worth of Your attention I can describe what I'm doing as a documentation of the states of my mind. Documetation which can lead to reconstruction of my mind and it's represntations in your mind or in some computer in the near future. Documantation which can lead to reconstruction of an algorithms which I as a brain am using to write, draw and create in general. It's not only communication, it's saving myself as a file, it's creating a virtual copy of things which occurs in front of the eye of my imagination. My easthetic choices reveals aesthetic algorithms which are choosing information which has priority in my attention. Collection of my texts reveals beside meanings and semantic value my whole vocabulary, grammatical constructions which I prefer, how my working memory work, how emotional I'm and the whole psychological characteristic. My art as a data collection is a description of an effect of work of a complex algorithms which constitutes me, of the functions of my brain, of the model of the world which I generate. It's unperfect and unsufficient, if it's not contains functional brain scans and precise measurements but it's the best I can do now. Everything what we think about world is a creation of the unique model of the world, everything what you do, your actions, decisions and choices which you make represents your unique way of thinking, reveals the prism through which you look. This uniqueness of algorithms which constitutes You, this prism is an art. That's why everyone is worth of attention.

designed by Ratz